Insurance Adjusters: Not On Your Side

Posted on: 18 July 2018


When you've been hurt in a car accident, you may not be at your best. Being injured, losing time from work and dealing with a wrecked car would make anybody's life a mess. Unfortunately, the time right after a wreck presents the perfect opportunity for you to get taken advantage of. Read on for some information to keep in mind when you find yourself dealing with an insurance adjuster.

The phone call catches you unawares

You may be barely out of the hospital when you get a phone call from the insurance adjuster for the other driver's carrier. It doesn't take long for claims to appear on adjuster's desks and they are paid to get those claims settled quickly. They are also paid to ensure that their employer pays out as little as possible for each claim because they need to make a profit.

What is the reason for the call?

They may tell you that they need to get a bit of information about the accident and ask that you agree to be recorded. You might think that it's no big deal and you have nothing to hide so you agree. What happens next depends on the complexity of the wreck, the amount of your medical bills and the question of fault. The adjuster is trained to ask questions that can catch you off-guard and lead you to say the wrong thing, which might lower the amount of a settlement.

Any question of liability or wrongdoing on your part could make your hopes of a fair settlement check seem very far away. Even innocent statements could be misconstrued so it's best to realize one important point: you do not have to speak to that adjuster. There are absolutely no laws or rules that require you to talk to them and you must never do so without the support of a personal injury attorney.

What if your own insurance carrier calls?

You may be required to speak to your own carrier if they phone you but do not have to do it right away. You can ask them to call back after you've had an opportunity to speak with your lawyer about it and they may even take care of that task on your behalf.

Take action to prevent problems

As soon as you are able, speak to an auto accidents attorney. They will evaluate your case and give you an opinion as to how much you are entitled to get for your injuries, pain and suffering, lost wages and more. Only then will you be able to deal with the other party's insurance. Often, the insurance check is inadequate to meet your needs and you will need an attorney to advocate for you. Speak to one today.