Top Reasons For Fathers To Hire A Family Law Attorney

Posted on: 17 October 2019


Family law covers a wide array of issues that pertain to families. In some cases, there may be situations that involve a father and his rights. If you are a man and have a child with a woman, it may come to the point that you need the services of a family law attorney who has worked with cases regarding father's rights. Any time you are facing issues as a father, it is in your best interest to hire a family law attorney to assist you in order to increase the likelihood of a positive outcome. Some of the top reasons that men hire family law attorneys for father's rights issues include:

Establishing Paternity

When a man and a woman are not legally married, a child is not automatically presumed to have a biological connection to the man. If you have had a child with a woman who you are not married to, it is a good idea to establish paternity as soon as possible so you can have legal rights as a recognized parent. In the event that a woman informs you that she is having your child and you are unsure that the child is actually yours, it is also important to establish paternity. The last thing that any man wants is to care for and form a bond with a child who actually is not his.


A woman may carry and give birth to a baby, but she cannot give a child up for adoption without the biological father agreeing. If the biological mother wants to proceed with an adoption but you would like to raise the child yourself, a family law attorney can assist you with the steps of establishing paternity and having the mother's parental rights terminated so you can be the sole guardian of the child.

Child Support and Visitation/Custody

Child support plays an important role in helping to financially care for a child. The amount of child support that a person pays is typically determined by the family court and is based on a person's income. If you have had a change in your income and can no longer afford the amount of child support that you're paying, a family law attorney can assist you in petitioning for a change. Likewise, it is important to work with a family law attorney if you and your child's mother are having issues or disagreements about the established visitation and custody schedule.