Was Your Head Badly Injured At A Construction Site On The Job? Get An Injury Lawyer Fast

Posted on: 14 November 2019


Were you on a construction site doing your job and severely injured, and now you may pay for it for a lifetime? If so, you need to get a lawyer, especially if you suffered some type of head injury. It can be difficult to even know the full damage of a head injury due to swelling and the speed at which motor skills return. Talk with a lawyer when you are capable of it about the following things.

Injury You Suffered

You need exact details about your injury. Provide medical information on these things for the injury attorney:

  • Diagnosis of injury
  • Medical needs for the injury like emergency transport, surgery, and more
  • Length of time in hospital
  • Required medical care for treatment and healing
  • Lifelong disabilities and injuries

The lawyer wants to know every detail, from emergency staples at the hospital to loss of vision or full function on part of your body for a lifetime.

Faulty Construction Site Details

Were you wearing the proper hard hat, glasses, or other safety materials while you were on the site? If you can prove that the fallen item that landed on your head and caused the injury fell because of project neglect or improper practices, this will be the evidence necessary for your case.  If you know there were eye witnesses to what happened, the sooner they talk with the lawyer to give the details, the better.

Compensation Considerations

The type of compensation you are looking for can be more than one source with your injury. Talk with the lawyer about these things:

  • Workers compensation from your employer immediately while you are off work
  • Settlement or severance package from your employer for the inability to back to work and being hurt on the job
  • Large settlement from the construction company or property owner at the construction site

Your sources for money need to be evaluated and your lawyer will work with you to make sure that you get the most money you can.

If you are prepared to be off work for months or to possibly never return to work again because of the head injury that you suffered, you want to call a lawyer to make sure that you will find a way to survive financially. With all of the anxiety, pain, stress, and problems you're dealing with, it's important to get the compensation that you need financially after this type of accident.

For more information on personal injury attorneys, contact a local resource.