Organize The Facts Around Car Accident Stories

Posted on: 9 February 2015


After a car accident, be aware that there may be a lot of situational information that could throw blame in any direction. From hit-and-runs with no easily placed culprit to accidents in the middle of the night, proving your innocence and demanding compensation can become an uphill battle. With a few techniques for gathering evidence and crafting a reliable negotiation plan as you enter the settlement phase, you can be better prepared to defend your best interests.

Creating And Securing Mobile Device Evidence

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers have made life easier in many different ways, but their convenience can shine through after an accident. The immediate events after an accident are important, as certain information can fade away with time.

Examine the surrounding area of the accident. Look around the area where your vehicle was hit and the direction that the other vehicle came from. You'll need to take pictures of any tire marks, debris or lost items that could have been created with the accident.

Be careful and avoid touching anything at the scene until authorities can assess the situation. Although a responsible investigation unit should be performing the same steps as you with a more professional and in-depth approach, it's still important for you to get anything that could be lost (or illegally removed) before authorities arrive. Weather conditions such as rain or snow can also make the information disappear before authorities arrive, so time is of the essence.

Establishing Property Damage And Injury Claims

If your car is damaged and your body in pain, you'll want to get the ball rolling on a claim as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the easier it will be for other parties involved in the accident to avoid blame.

After or during medical treatment, get in contact with a car accident lawyer to begin planning a defense and a plan for compensation. You'll need the cooperation of medical professionals to assess the extent of your pain, whether it could affect your work and personal life and whether your vehicle needs to be replaced or not.

Depending on your bodily injury and the circumstances of the accident, you could qualify for compensation in more ways than just a lawsuit. The Social Security Disability system is available for injured persons who are unable to return to a sufficiently profitable lifestyle because of their injuries, but you'll need to assess your legal opponent's financial ability and fault beforehand.

Contact a car accident lawyer at a firm like The Best and Westover as soon as possible to protect your best interests after an accident.