• Don't Be Guilty Of Unlawful Restraint Or Kidnapping

    You see it all the time in movies and TV shows: someone tricking or forcing someone to stay put in a place they don't want to be, or forced to go somewhere against their will. It usually turns out to be a joke a way to get someone to a bachelor(ette) party, or a misunderstanding, and all is eventually forgiven/forgotten. Even if it isn't forgiven, the crafty characters find a way to teach a character a lesson and stop their victim from talking.
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  • 3 Important Things To Know About Motorcycle Liability Laws In Florida

    Do you like to ride your motorcycle in Florida? It is a great place to go riding. The weather is usually wonderful, and there is lots to see. From the woods to the beach, you'll see plenty of wonderful scenery on your motorcycle travels in this state. You should be aware of the motorcycle liability laws, though. Whether you're a state resident or a visitor, you will be subject to these laws if you are in an accident.
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