5 Reasons To Have A Lawyerless Divorce

Posted on: 24 March 2016


Many couples automatically look to lawyers for assistance when their relationships hit the rocks. However, lawyer fees add up, and an increasing number of people are discovering the advantages of having a lawyerless divorce. If you and your partner have decided to go your separate ways, you're probably hoping to streamline the process as much as possible as well as keep costs down. Following are five great reasons to have a lawyerless divorce.

You and Your Partner Want to Save Money

Divorce proceedings involve significant costs, and if you and your partner both feel that the money would be put to better use such as moving costs for at least one of you, a lawyerless divorce provides a good way to leave available funds free for other purposes.

 You and Your Partner Are on Amicable Terms With Each Other

Divorcing partners who are on good terms with one another are the best candidates for a lawyerless divorce. If you and your partner agree on all aspects of the dissolution on your marriage, such as property distribution, a lawyerless divorce may both of you.

You Haven't Been Married Very Long

Those who haven't been married very long and haven't had children or accumulated property often have no real reason to seek the services of an attorney. If your marriage was short and sweet, your divorce should be as well.

You and Your Partner Have Ample Time to Handle the Procedure

Many couples opt to hire separate attorneys to handle even amicable divorces simply to avoid the divorce paperwork involved in dealing with a DIY divorce. However, while it's true that you may have to research applicable laws specific to marital dissolutions in your state and be consistent with court filings and appearances, but you may find that the cost savings make the extra legwork well worth it.

You and Your Partner Both Have a Calm Temperament

The ability to remain calm and collected can make the difference between a rocky divorce and one that proceeds seamlessly and causes everyone involved a minimum of pain and discomfort. Bumps in the road are likely to occur even during the most peaceful divorce proceedings, however, so if one or both partners have a short temper or otherwise aren't suited to participating in positive negotiations, a lawyerless divorce may run into complications. However, couples are often able to smooth things over with the assistance of a professional mediator.

The majority of couples who are determined to make a lawerless divorce work are successful at making the process beneficial to both parties.