What To Know When Dealing With A Dog Bite Case

Posted on: 6 July 2016


If you happen to suffer a dog bite due to an owner being negligent and not controlling their pet, it is important that you take the proper legal action. In many situations, this means taking the matter to civil court and hiring a dog bite lawyer to help you profess your case. These steps are important, so that you can get paid the money necessary to cover your expenses for medical bills and any other trauma you might have suffered. 

What You Must Prove In A Dog Bite Case

In order for your case to be a successful one, you will need to understand the parameters that will be laid out in court. First, you and the courts must determine who is the primary owner of the dog in order to prove who is ultimately responsible. Next, you must prove that the dog caused the injuries that you suffered. Depending on where you live, dog owners might be subject to strict liability rules, which means that they can be held accountable even if their dog has not been deemed dangerous. Some states require proof that the animal was predisposed to dangerous behavior and that the owner did not take the proper precautions to avoid the incident from occurring. In addition to the dog owner, a number of other parties might be held liable for the incident, including owners of property where the incident took place and landlords of a property where the dog bite occurred. 

Work With Your Lawyer To Gather Evidence

The most critical aspect of the dog bite case is to compile the right types of evidence. This is a joint effort between you and your dog bite attorney, so you will need to work with them by giving them all of the details of the story that will be helpful. From here, your attorney will need to research the dog's health history, the amount of time the owner has had the dog, whether the dog has bitten someone before and other factors. Hiring the most experienced dog bite attorney you can find is essential for this process. 

Learn The Rates For Hiring A Dog Bite Lawyer And Taking The Case To Court

When you hire a dog bite lawyer, it will usually be on a contingency basis. This basis means that they will receive payment from the winnings of your case. This fee is usually about 30 to 40% depending on the lawyer that you hire. Matters such as clerical fees and witness fees can also range between $1,000 and $2,000.

Factor in these facts so that you can prepare for your dog bite case.