Worried Your Ex Will Run With Your Kids? 3 Steps You Need To Do To Keep Them Safe

Posted on: 26 July 2016


If you and your ex were involved in a volatile custody battle, and you're concerned about the safety of your children, you need to familiarize yourself with parental kidnapping. This is particularly true if your ex has ever threatened to take your children and run. According to studies, most missing children have been abducted by a family member. If you're worried that your ex might take off with your children, here are three steps you should take to keep them safe.

Report Threats

If your ex has been threatening to take the children, you need to take those threats seriously. This is particularly true if you've seen your ex roaming the neighborhood when they shouldn't be there, or you've seen them outside your kid's school. These are signs that your ex may be devising a plan for the abduction of your children. As soon as your ex makes a threat, you should notify your local law enforcement agency. It's also important that you notify your children's school, as well.

Take Weekly Pictures 

Children change quickly when they're growing up. It's not uncommon for kids to shoot up a couple of inches in just a matter of weeks. To make sure that you have current information about your kids, you should take pictures of them at least once a week. You should also keep current records about their height and weight.

It's also important that you know what your kids are wearing each time they leave the house. This will allow you to give accurate information should it become necessary. It's important to note that the clothing information will help law enforcement officials even if your ex has your children change clothes. If the clothing is discarded – and found – officials will know where your children have been.

Give Custody Documents to School Officials

As soon as you have the official custody papers that have been filed with the courts, you need to make sure that school officials have copies on file. This will ensure that they don't send your kids with your ex if they try to pick them up. Make sure that each teacher is also aware of the custody arrangements.

Don't take chances with the safety of your kids. If you believe that your ex may run with your kids, you need to take steps to protect them. The information provided here will help you prevent parental abduction. For more information, contact firms like Gearing Rackner Engel And McGrath LLP.