Common Workplace Injuries That Are Covered By Worker's Compensation

Posted on: 30 August 2017


When you are injured while at work, you will want to be aware of the fact that you are likely protected by a worker's compensation insurance policy. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the full range of injuries that can be covered under these policies, and this can lead them to fail to seek these benefits following certain types of injuries.

Repetitive Injuries

Depending on the type and nature of your job, you may be at risk of suffering repetitive stress injuries. These injuries can cause intense pain and discomfort for patients that develop them. Unfortunately, they are likely to worsen without treatment, and this can lead to patients experiencing noticeable decreases in quality of life as well as increasing difficulties with performing their jobs. Workers will often assume that these injuries will not be covered due to an inability to prove they occurred at work, but workers are fully covered in instances of this type of injury.

Injuries From Assaults Or Other Violence

While most places of business will strive to achieve a harmonious and productive climate for their workers, there is always a chance that a person will act overly aggressively. This can be particularly common for businesses where employees are in fierce competition with each other. In these instances, it can be possible for disputes to erupt into violence. If you are the victim in these situations, you will be covered under the protections. Unfortunately, these cases can be somewhat complicated due to the fact that the other party will likely attempt to blame you for the dispute. Due to these complexities, retaining a personal injury attorney can be a smart move as it will allow you to protect your rights as a victim of these attacks.

Slip And Falls

It is the responsibility of the management and ownership to keep the premises in good and safe condition. Unfortunately, there can be instances where slippery substances get on the floors, and this can lead to employees slipping and falling. These seemingly minor accidents can contribute to serious injuries for the worker, and they may assume this is not covered due to it being unrelated to their job duties. However, it is common for employees that suffer these injuries to be covered by worker's compensation because their job may have required them to be in unsafe conditions. In instances where the worker's compensation policy fails to cover injuries from these accidents, the business's general liability plan may be another avenue for collecting compensation for your damages.