Four Tips To Avoid A DUI This Halloween

Posted on: 17 October 2017


Halloween is a time when kids enjoy going out to trick or treat, but it's even a time for adults to have an excuse to party, as well. Everything from costume contests, bar hopping, exploring haunted trails, and more is what adults tend to participate in on this night. However, this also usually includes drinking, especially if you are going bar hopping or are attending a Halloween party. This is why this night is a night many people find themselves facing a DUI charge. Here are four tips to help you avoid it:

  1. Eat More Than Just Candy: If you are going to be drinking, don't just fill your tummy with alcohol and candy, as tempting as it is. You need to be sure that you are also eating meals to help your body absorb and digest the alcohol better. Without proper nutrients, your body is also more susceptible to other problems that alcohol will only enhance, such as impaired thinking, which is so often why people think they are okay to drive when they actually aren't. 
  2. ​Don't Do Those Halloween Special Shots: Many times when you are at a party or bar, they are going to have shots that are considered the Halloween shots. Definitely avoid these and drink your actual drink instead. Since shots are so small and many times have the same amount of alcohol as a full glass of beer, people can accidentally go overboard not realize the damage that it is causing. 
  3. Download the Driving Apps: Consider downloading apps such as Uber and Lyft. You don't want to be trying to figure out how to download and sign into these apps after you have been drinking. It can get complicated and frustrating enough that you end up getting behind the wheel yourself. Instead, download it now if you don't have it already and get yourself familiar with how to use it. 
  4. Pace Yourself: Finally, remember that you can have a good time without accepting every drink that comes your way. Skip on those shots, pumpkin jello shots, and other Halloween drinks and just sip on what you enjoy and know when to stop. This is absolutely the best way to ensure that if you are going to be driving home, you are not going to be impaired to the point where you put yourself or others in danger. 

When you consider these four tips, you can be sure that you avoid a DUI on the night when most people are more susceptible to getting one. For more information, contact companies like Daniels Long & Pinsel.