Ways A Business Law Attorney Can Help Your Company

Posted on: 12 January 2018


If you currently manage a business or are looking to start your own enterprise, you will need to be aware of the various legal issues and challenges that you may face. In order to help you with this, there are attorneys that specialize in handling the types of issues that a business will encounter. More precisely, there are three important services that this type of attorney will be able to offer you that can make their fees more than worth paying.

Analyze Your Legal Liability

When it comes to running a business, you may give most of your attention to your rivals and competitors. However, there are many other threats that can strike your enterprise. In particular, you may find yourself facing lawsuits over a number of potential liabilities that you had not previously considered. To be sure that you are fully aware of the legal risks that can come with managing your company, you can have a business law attorney perform a liability audit of your enterprise. This will allow them to identify the most likely sources of litigation that you could face along with the steps that will be needed to avoid these situations.

Protect Your Brand

As your company grows and finds success, there is a chance that there may be other enterprises that attempt to copy your branding or other intellectual property in an effort to leach some of your success. This can pose a number of problems for a business as it may confuse customers as to which service is authentic. As a result, you will want to act aggressively when you discover individuals attempting to use your business's branding or other identifying features. This will start with having an attorney send a cease and desist letter, but it can quickly escalate to a full-scale lawsuit if they refuse to comply.

Aid You In Structuring Your Company

The way that your enterprise is structure is a major consideration that can have profound impacts on the business. In addition to impacting its overall profitability, an inefficient organization structure can lead to the potential for major disputes about the actual ownership of the company. To avoid your enterprise getting bogged down in these issues, you should have an attorney help you determine a suitable organizational structure for the business. After meeting with you and analyzing your enterprise, a business law attorney will be able to help you craft the correct documents so that you can formally structure the company.