Being Discriminated At Your Job Based On Your Age? 3 Examples To Watch Out For

Posted on: 26 February 2019


Discrimination in the workplace can happen for a variety of reasons, but you may not expect it to happen based on your age. It's one aspect about you that is completely out of your control, and your employer may be using it against you in a negative way. Here are some examples of age discrimination in the workplace.

Being Fired To Keep Younger Workers

If your employer has decided to do layoffs, take a look at the demographic of who is being let go. Did they decide to fire all of the older employes and keep all of the younger ones? If so, this could be a form of age discrimination, and you may need age discrimination law services.

It may not be completely clear at the time why the older group of employees was let go. For example, the employer may have desired to have a workplace that looks younger to attract a certain type of client, or maybe they wanted to reduce payroll costs by firing more experienced employees that are making more money.

In either situation, you'll want to work with a lawyer to get to the bottom of why you were let go. They can talk to other employees and try to get the full story about what happened and work on everyone's behalf to receive compensation.

Being Given Unfavorable Tasks Based On Your Age

The other thing to consider is the workload you are given compared to other employees and if age is a factor in the type of work you are being assigned. This can happen if you feel that younger employees are being favored over older employees, with young employees given better clients, leads, responsibilities, and other opportunities in the workplace. This may even have a direct impact on how much you are being paid, especially if it is commission-based employment.

Being Harassed Due To Your Age

You may be well compensated and feel like you have a secure job, but currently dealing with harassment from other employers that HR is letting slide. If there are co-workers that frequently try to make your life difficult due to how old you are, and nothing has been done to stop it by the company, you could have a justifiable age discrimination lawsuit on your hands. It is up to your employer to ensure that all people in the workplace are treated as equals, and any type of harassment should not go unpunished simply because it is based on age and not race or gender.