Can A Drunk Driver Shift The Blame?

Posted on: 28 November 2020


If you have been in a car accident with a drunk driver, you might initially think you have a clear case. After all, the other party was committing a crime when they hit you, leaving you with a variety of injuries and expensive bills to pay.

Now, in the days and weeks following your accident, you may begin to worry. Is it possible that the drunk driver could shift blame onto you? Could you end up not receiving compensation for your injuries? This is what you need to know.

Always Call the Police

If you suspect that a driver was drunk or drinking when they hit you, you should make sure that you contact the police right away. This helps you make your case, that the other party was drinking. It will be difficult to prove that a driver was drunk if you do not have a police report with this information in it.

Get Witness Statements

In some situations, a drunk driver might not shift blame onto you but rather onto somebody else. For instance, they might claim that they swerved because a different, unidentified car was responsible for almost hitting them.

Make Sure You Keep All Documentation

It is very important that you keep all the necessary documentation regarding your car's damage and repairs and your own medical bills and lost wages. These records will be useful if the driver tries to say that you were not injured in the accident.

Being Drunk Does Not Release Responsibility

Some people might argue that simply because they were drunk does not mean that they were responsible. In fact, some people might try to say that they were drunk and thus it releases them from responsibility. They may argue that they have an addiction, for instance.

The good news is that your car accident lawyer can argue on your behalf, demonstrating that you are not liable to cover your own damages because the other party was committing a crime. All of this means that you need to consult with a professional so that you can ensure the right party is held responsible for the damages.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer

It is very important that you consult with a car accident lawyer if you think that you have a case after a car accident. Your accident may be expensive to deal with, and you do not have to do this all on your own. Set up a consultation today to learn more.