Three Things You Should Know About Having Your Criminal Record Expunged

Posted on: 26 January 2021


If you have a criminal record, you have likely experienced many barriers in your life because of it. You certainly will have limitations on the ability to find jobs, and if you have found one, there will likely be limited opportunity for advancement. The good news is that many states allow for an expungement of your criminal record. The following are a few things you should know.

Expungement laws are state-specific

You will need an expungement attorney to look at the specifics of your conviction. Each state will have laws regarding how much time will have passed before you can have your record expunged. The time will be measured differently depending upon when the punishment ended. In the case of a fine, it will have ended that same day. Other crimes may end after a brief jail sentence while others may end when your parole is up. A lawyer from the state of your conviction can help with this.

It will be easier to find employment

Once you have your record expunged, you will be able to say on a job application that you do not have a criminal record. However, there are limitations that some states will have concerning this type of expungement. One example can be the field of nursing. Your state's law may stipulate that you must still list a previous conviction, even if the criminal record has been sealed. However, you may still benefit from this because a potential employer may realize that a court has ruled that you have been a law-abiding citizen since your conviction.

It will be easier to get good-paying jobs along with promotions

If you move to another state, you may decide to lie on your application about a criminal record. However, if a background check is done, your record will likely pop up, even across state lines. So if you were to get a job you liked and there was no background check done, there is the likelihood that one will be done if you want advancement in the company. Once you have your record expunged, you will be cleared.

Although there are benefits to having your criminal record expunged, not all crimes can be expunged. In general, any class A felony cannot be expunged. But you need to consult with an attorney because there are many convictions that are possibilities such as drug possession and DUI convictions. Contact an expungement attorney for more information.