3 Common Errors A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Will Protect You From

Posted on: 29 April 2022


Riding a motorcycle is fun, especially in the evening when the temperatures are cool. But the more time you spend riding, the more likely you are to get into an accident. If you encounter this unfortunate incident, how you behave will determine whether you receive full compensation from the liable party's insurer. Some people make mistakes that affect their lawsuits and prevent them from receiving the correct award. A motorcycle accident lawyer deals with such cases daily and can protect you from these blunders. This article talks about three common errors these lawyers will help you avoid.

Failing to Seek Immediate Treatment

It may be easy to delay seeking medical care after a crash, especially if your injuries aren't apparent. While you may think you've only suffered from minor injuries, in reality, you may be having severe underlying issues that may affect your life's quality and the amount of compensation you should receive. A lawyer can help you get the proper medical attention. They're connected to experienced doctors who'll examine your whole body to find if you've sustained internal spinal, back, brain, or neck injuries. These medical records will offer them the needed evidence to calculate the cost of your damages and seek the proper settlement. 

Contacting the Negligent Driver's Insurer

While it may be tempting to call the negligent driver's insurer immediately after the crash, this may affect the settlement you receive. Insurers have tricks they use to lower victims' awards or deny their claims. They may convince you to sign a waiver or record a statement about the incident to get something to use against you. Lawyers understand the tactics used by these companies. If you contact a lawyer immediately after your crash, they'll ensure that every document you're given to sign serves your interests and offers you the maximum settlement. They'll also explain the terms listed in the paperwork, so you know what you're signing. 

Failing to Contact Law Enforcement Agencies

The individual who caused your accident may try to convince you not to call 911 and report your emergency because of fear or anxiety. They may even agree to offer you a settlement out of court. While this may seem a great proposition, you could lose a lot in compensation. When you contact a lawyer after your incident, they'll ensure that you call the police to record a report. This report will include details of how the crash occurred, witness testimonies, traffic violations, and who the at-fault party is. Your attorney will use this evidence to convince insurers to reimburse you for all your losses.

No one plans for a motorcycle crash. But if you're involved in one of these incidents, it's vital to contact a motorcycle accident lawyer to keep you from making errors that may affect your case and settlement.