4 Scenarios That Can Lead To Delayed Car Accident Claim Settlements

Posted on: 24 August 2022


Often, victims of a car accident can settle their claims with the negligent driver's insurance company within a year or so. However, while this period is the norm, it is important to mention that some claims can take much longer to settle. Typically, claims that fall within this latter timeframe has a set of unique circumstances that create a complex situation that takes longer to work through; learn more about some of these scenarios.

1. Uncertain Prognosis

An insurance company will not generally settle a claim without a complete record of the victim's injuries and prognosis. For this reason, victims with extensive or severe injuries that are still being reviewed and awaiting a final prognosis will often have their settlement claims denied. However, this delay is often in the best interest of the victim, as well. You never want to settle a claim until you have a complete picture of the impact.

2. Liability Questions

Insurance companies only settle claims when their client is considered to be liable for the accident. If you are unable to prove that the other driver was liable, the claim may be denied. It is often wise to work with an attorney who will investigate and research the accident so that they can place blame on the responsible driver with evidence to solidify your claim and speed up the process. 

3. Multi-Party Incidents

Again, insurance companies only want to settle when they have to. Consequently, for accidents that involve multiple parties, it is common for insurance companies to wait until all the details have been sorted out before they settle to avoid paying a settlement that their client is not liable for. Multi-party accidents can also mean multiple claims, which might also extend the time to settle. 

4. Communication Issues

Communication is critical. The negligent driver's insurance company needs to be able to communicate with your attorney, and the attorney needs to be able to communicate with you. When accident victims are slow to respond or fail to respond as required, the process can be prolonged, and in some instances, the entire settlement could be put in jeopardy. Aim to have good communication practices. 

Again, if you want to get the most accurate assessment of how long your injury claim will take to settle — you need to speak with an attorney. Contact an attorney to learn more about what you should expect from the process. 

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