How A Maximum Medical Improvement May Affect A Motorcycle Insurance Claim

Posted on: 14 March 2023


If you suffered serious injuries in a motorcycle accident, you may be anxious to settle an insurance claim that will eventually support paying for your medical bills and lost wages. An injury lawyer may advise you to wait until you have reached your MMI (maximum medical improvement). 

The Beginning Of Your Treatment

Motorcycle injuries could require surgery, rehabilitative services, and plenty of rest. A doctor may not be certain how long it will take for you to recover. If you are currently enduring the preliminary stages of the healing process, there is a good chance that your medical care plan could change in the future. Because of the uncertainty surrounding your physical recovery, there is no way to determine how much money your medical bills will ultimately cost.

Your motorcycle attorney will likely want to forego accepting a claim until they know more about your long-term prognosis. By waiting until your physical injuries have healed as much as your doctor expects them to, your lawyer will be able to contact the insurance company and request a monetary amount that will adequately support paying existing and future medical bills. They will also be able to request compensation for the lost wages that you have incurred.

The Maximum Medical Improvement

Your doctor will continue to treat you throughout the course of your recovery. They may ultimately determine that your body has physically healed as much as can be expected. Once they have made this determination, they will prepare paperwork that states that you have reached your maximum medical improvement. 

You will need to share your medical records with your attorney. They will use the doctor's determination to come up with a monetary figure that they will request from the insurance company that is representing the defendant in your case. 

The Dispersement Of Funds

The maximum medical improvement statement may qualify you for a higher insurance payment than you would have received if you filed a claim soon after your accident. Before your case is settled, your attorney will discuss your odds of winning. They will also discuss the manner in which you will receive funds if you win your insurance claim.

A lump sum payment is a single payment that is equal to the entire amount that is owed to you. A structured settlement is a guaranteed payment that you will receive at scheduled times. Your attorney's fees will be deducted from either type of payment that you receive.

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