Minors And Labor Law: What An Employer Is NOT Allowed To Do

Posted on: 21 April 2015

Minors enjoy getting a job and having an income of their own. However, there are labor laws in place to protect minors. At one time, children as young as five years old worked fourteen hour days in factories, doing dangerous jobs adults did not want to do. After the first World War, that changed and now employers are not allowed to hire teens or pre-teens to do dangerous work. If you are concerned that your son or daughter's employer is breaking the law, you first need to familiarize yourself on what the governing laws are.
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3 Mistakes You Need to Avoid in a Personal Injury Case

Posted on: 13 April 2015

Being injured is one thing, but not getting the right amount of compensation is even worse. All too often, people end up being taken advantage of during their personal injury claim. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of skill and knowledge to make sure you get the compensation you deserve. After all, you didn't do anything to warrant the injury in the first place. Why should you have to pay? To make sure you don't get taken advantage of, avoid making one of these costly mistakes.
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Can You Sue A Partner For Giving You A STD?

Posted on: 31 March 2015

In a sexual relationship, it is the responsibility of both partners to divulge if he or she is infected with a sexually transmitted disease, or STD. If you were infected by someone with a STD, you may be able to take legal action against him or her. Whether or not you can depends on the details of your situation. What Legal Actions Can You Take? One available option is to contact the police and request that charges are filed against the person who infected you with the STD.
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What Can You Do If A Creditor Files A Proof Of Claim In Your Bankruptcy Case?

Posted on: 23 March 2015

After you file for bankruptcy, all of your creditors will be notified. Your creditors can challenge the discharge of a debt, which triggers an investigation by the bankruptcy trustee. If this happens, it is important that you know what to do.  What Is a Proof of Claim? A proof of claim is a creditor's statement that states it is entitled to receive payment of the debt that is owed. Unsecured creditors have to file a proof of claim in order for the debt to stand after the bankruptcy.
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